Permanent Jewelry Information


We are so excited to offer Permanent Jewelry (PMJ) bracelets, anklets and necklaces! A $25 non-refundable deposit is required to book each appointment. That deposit will go towards your Permanent Jewelry purchase!

What is PMJ? 

  • Clasp less Jewelry that is intended to stay on unless wanted or needed with scissors, wire cutters or even nail clippers! 
  • Sustainable dainty jewelry that is perfect for stacking
  • For all genders

Does it hurt? 

NO! PMJ is a quick and painless service, with just a quick spark we weld your new bling on!

What if it comes off?

If for any reason your PMJ falls off or is needed to be cut off we offer 1 free reweld in the first 30 days and after that it is $25 per weld with your original chain. If you have PMJ from a different company that fell off or was cut off for $25 we will reweld your original chain back on for you! 

PMJ is intended to be “permanent” but as like any piece of jewelry if ripped and caught on something strong enough there is always a risk of it being yanked off. 


No worries PMJ is TSA approved just like any of your other jewelry! 

If you have an MRI your PMJ may need to be cut off, you may come in and have us remove it for you or simply cut it off at the weld site with wire cutters, scissors, or nail clippers and bring it back in for a $25 reweld! 

Metal Type, Starting Price and lifespan: 

  • Sterling Silver: 3 months - 1 year. Bracelet: $70+ Anklet: $85+ Necklace: $145+ 
    *Can turn green/tarnish from hot tubs, pools, and simply from some chemical composition of skin.
  • Gold Filled: 1-3+ years. Bracelet: $78+ Anklet: $93+ Necklace: $153+
  • 14K Gold: 15+ years. Bracelet: $189+ Anklet: $270+ Necklace: $324+ (N/A at the moment) 
  • Charms: Prices vary. Some start at $12

Want to host a PMJ party?

Thinking about hosting a bachelorette, birthday or group event, email us with the number of guests along with what they are thinking to receive (bracelets, anklets, or necklaces) and we will get you all set up!

How to contact us?